About Tikkhu

Tikkhu is a contemporary jewelry line inspired by earth’s natural elements and textiles designed to elevate one’s everyday style. Each piece is thoughtfully curated and handcrafted in Edmonton, Canada by designer Titi. Amidst an unforgettable journey to Mount Everest base camp in 2015, she began collecting stones - with glimmers of raw crystal peeking from their jagged edges - that astonished her and slowly filled in her pockets. Tikkhu came to life with the vision to create jewelry using these stones as mementos to keep some of her fondest memories alive. Tikkhu symbolizes ‘Titi’ (name of designer) and ‘Khumbu’ - the person behind the brand and the place nestled in the Himalayas where the concept of Tikkhu was born.

Tikkhu is an intimate look into aspects of her journey that provide inspiration to sentimental pieces while embracing the beauty of natural elements and incorporating them into one-of-a-kind pieces. Tikkhu aims to create unique minimalistic jewelry that offers connectedness with its wearers and allows them to experience their own meanings within them that will bring the pieces to life.